Studio 713

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Studio 713.

  Greetings from Ted Johnson!  This site features musical performances by an eclectic collection of musicians that were recorded or mixed in my home studio.  Musical genres include space rock, ambient soundscapes, hypnotic grooves, and experimental electronica with an emphasis on improvisation.   Special areas are devoted to:

Groove Stream Attractor.

  An electronic music band located in the Chapel Hill - Durham area of North Carolina.  The music is a mix of improvised space grooves and spontaneous ambient sounds.  Core members include Todd Barbee (saxophones and Yamaha WX-7 wind controller), Ted Johnson (synthesizers), Jeff Lindsey (electronic drums and percussion), and Brian Preston (electric bass).  Recent CDís include “Into the Vortex” and “Space Rider.”

National Holographic.

  Ted Johnson (synthesizers and guitars) and Jason King (samplers) create three-dimensional audio images that evoke African safaris, submarine voyages, interstellar exploration, and surrealistic dream worlds.  Recent CD’s include “Trance Encounter” and “Star Sailor.”

MP3 files for download.

  Free recordings featuring Groove Stream Attractor, National Holographic, and my collaborations with Steve Burnett, Mark Duncan, Joe Hendrix, Blaise Kielar, Marc Medwin, and other talented musicians.